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World Book Day – My 2015 picks


Today is World Book Day! No, reading this blog does not constitute as reading a book. Pick one up – I still prefer to read actual books in hand (not Kindle or pdf files) and am lucky to be able to read with my son every night.

In between my own writing of my book I have had the honor of being gifted pre-published copies of two really excellent books; ones that have impacted me greatly for personal reasons as well as being helpful towards my own writing. Here they are:

“REASONS TO STAY ALIVE” written by best-selling author Matt Haig is out TODAY, published in the UK by Canongate. This is a very accessible and poignantly funny and support book on making it through depression.

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The second is not out yet..but I highly recommend you pre-order it. It is “So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed”, written by the Best-Selling Author Jon Ronson. It comes out March 31, 2015 from Riverhead Books.

Ronson takes us through the last several years and into far past of the ugly practice of public shaming, now even more prevalent with the influx of Twitter and other social media sites. A great study in human psychology and the ego’s win over compassion and empathy.

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Having just returned from travel and working, raising a child and writing a book on deadlines, I have three blogs almost complete, two touch on both these books. I hope to find a few hours and complete them in the near future.

In the meantime, whether it’s these two books or anything else that piques your fancy – please read! It’s good for the soul, the mind and the heart, not to mention the creativity and the ability to take you  anywhere you want to go with the turn of a page.  Happy reading!