New Blog Post: My Book

THANK YOUMy book is set to be published in just over 4 weeks and it has already sold over 375 copies due to persistent and clever marketing on Twitter and through word of mouth. It is written under a nom du plume due to security issues I have had over the past several years. I cannot reveal the title or publisher on this site. All names have been changed to protect the innocent/guilty. However, it’s a really good read and I am proud of it. For the record, it’s about experiences in my life (and in many of our lives) over the past 8-9 years; I couldn’t presume to know enough about most others to write about them factually. It is less an autobiography than a sharing of familiar experiences in parenting, relationships, career, Hollywood, and so on…

If you are interested in obtaining a hard copy of the book (the only way it is currently available), please respond to me via this website and we can work out the details!

This experience, though creatively challenging at times, has led to my editing of someone else’s book for my publisher, so perhaps a new career is born! of

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