My favorite screenplays of 2015

Happy end of 2015!

I was going to to the boring and traditional best movies of the year but frankly, I haven’t seen everything yet so that wouldn’t be fair.While I also haven’t read everything either, I have read a lot. No matter what else is going on in my life I do end up reading up to at least 1000 scripts a year.


So, I want to bring attention to some of the best scripts I have read in 2015. Some I have read through competitions, some through submission to me for representation and some are from clients or ex-clients or those who have sought out my script consultation. Only a few stand out by the end of the year and these are those. When reminded of other scripts I read that I enjoyed, the key to them not being on the list is that I needed to be reminded of them. They are also wonderful and have won prizes and awards, maybe been bought and are being produced. These, however, are always with me.

Here they are in no particular order:


Big Red by Brening Hayden.  

Logline: Erin, a child orphan, runs away with a fugitive robot to find a new home for them both.


The Dead Stroke by Alexander Scigliano and Marcus Scigliano.

Logline: Two brothers seek vengeance on the man that murdered their father the only way they know how – hustling pool.


Serenity’s Cross by Giovanni Alexander Taveras.  

Logline: A runaway slave who’s just killed his master flees across the country in search of a fabled All- Black Frontier Town – and actually finds it, as well as the dark underside of violence and corruption that allows such a “paradise” to exist in Antebellum era America.


Franz Ferdinand Must Die by K.C. O’Brien. 

Logline: The story of the assassins of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, whose actions eventually started WWI.


Held by Suzanne Kelman and Susannah Rose Woods.

Logline: A reclusive professor deliberately contracts a life-threatening illness to save the life of a young, Jewish student stricken with a deadly disease in war torn Nazi occupied Holland.


Ripple by Heather Faris.     

Logline: During the war between Cambodia and Vietnam, a female photojournalist is led through the jungles by a teenage prostitute to find the man who killed her mother.


Keep writing and I look forward to reading, helping writers of film, television and literature create their best and getting writers all the help and support they need. Get in touch if you want my consultation. Here’s to another great group in 2016!

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