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Brilliant writing on relationships by Jose Saramago

“Now I’m going to tell you something. Go on, I’ll begin by asking you if you know how many people are in a marriage, there’s the woman, there’s the man, and there’s what I call the third person, the most important, the person who is composed of the man and the woman together. I’d never thought of that. For example, if one of the two commits adultery, the person who is most hurt, who receives the deepest cut, however incredible it may seem, is not the other person, but that other “other” which is the couple. Not one person, but two. And can you really live with that person made up of two people, I have enough trouble living with myself. The most common thing in marriage is to see the man or the woman, or both, each in their own way, trying to destroy the third person that they form together, the one that resists, that wants to survive regardless.”