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Drum roll………..I finally got the book deal I’ve been trying for. Apparently I had to wait until my life got more horrific and depressingly interesting for people to care. Nonetheless, after putting together a non-fiction proposal, following the format I described in my blog here and with the guidance of a few agent friends, I got the material to the right editor at the right publishing house. This is no easy feat and I’m proud of it. I am lucky to have had help from within the industry, I know it’s hard for people who don’t have it but hey, I’ve been in this industry for over 20 years so it’s great to get this back!

To those who do not have access as I do, there are very clear cut ways to submit both fiction and non-fiction to publishers and editor as well as to agents. This is one industry where you CAN do it on your own. It’s not about how the right person gets the material, it’s about the material itself.

I started out thinking this was going to be a magazine article but it became too big. As things progressed with time I would let the agent know new thoughts I had about presenting the material, something that would be a little more interesting than a straightforward memoir style book. One of the ideas we have, along with a narrative, is to have journalists from various specialties (entertainment, parenting, dating, social media, psychology, etc…) commenting. This book is not about just one thing, it’s about many things and to have an expert involved in discussing each aspect of things is an idea we like. So, I started contacting journalists a while ago and we’ve got some great ones, top ones, interested in participating. I will not be the only focus of the book either but the genesis comes from my life.

transparency_top1Life has been anything but easy for the past few years but while this is at parts about me specifically, it is also not a celebrity based book. There will be no tell-all’s, no gossipy reveals. I am done with that and it is behind me. I am hoping that part of what I’ve gone through regarding parenthood, my career, changing paths, romances as a single mother, illness, mistakes and solutions will be of interest. Luckily my editor thinks it will. I think it will engrossing to some and we will market it very specifically. It will be transparent, which scares the crap out of me, but it’s the only way forward and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Simply put I have nothing to hide and what my editor and I think might be interesting to include to tell this tale, I will tell. What I hope will happen is that I will appear, what’s the word, HUMAN. A flawed but good human being not so different from many others I know; relatable, who has a little more than she can handle and doesn’t always handle it well. That’s where solutions and good anecdotes come in. Just writing it so far has been cathartic and helpful.

The proposed publication date is now May 2015 but we’ll see how quickly or slowly things go. Right now I’m amped for the first interview with a journalist just after the New Year. For those curious about a first time book deal of a slightly off-kilter non-fiction variety, the advance I am receiving is barely enough to pay my rent but hopefully if the book succeeds, the back end deal, the newspaper/magazine syndication and foreign sales (if it comes to that) will help me get out of the financial hell I’m in and allow me more opportunities. That may not happen for years so life remains basically the same, just busier.

So, that’s all I can say at the moment. I have already let clients past and present as well as someĀ other people in my life know I will not be including any stories about them in my book so they have nothing to fear and again, this is not an ex-manager to famous people tell-all. If it happens that a story will help a portion of the book and isn’t defamatory I will ask permission of some people. Everything else is up for grabs and it’s not always going to be pretty. Anyway, I hope what it will be is fun, insightful, illuminating and above all, real. We all think we are the only one’s going through things but though we all have our individual versions of stories and life, we are all one and we can relate to one another more than we think we can – if we allow ourselves too.


Thanks to all my friends for the overwhelming support when this came though. I realize I really only care what my friends think – lesson number one in life. Happy reading!