New Blog Post: Short Stories: IMPULSE by Conrad Aiken (an excerpt)

I have been doing a ton of writing but not publishing. Too complicated to send out at the moment and not clear enough to anyone but me.

I have decided, however, that because my love for reading and writing is at an all time high at the moment, every few days I am going to take a story from The Bestselling Collection of Our Time: Short Story Masterpieces (edited by Robert Penn Warren and Albert Erskine), a book that is coming apart at the seams, that I found on the sidewalk over the weekend and post chosen excerpts from that.

The first is:     IMPULSE by Conrad Aiken AikenConrad“To be sure. Perfectly just. Women and children first. Michael thought these things bitterly but refrained from saying them. He gazed at this queer cold little female with intense curiosity. It was simply extraordinary – simply astonishing. Here she was, seven years his wife, he thought he knew her inside and out, every quirk of her handwriting, inflection of voice; her passion for strawberries, her ridiculous way of singing; the brown moles on her shoulder, the extreme smallness of her feet and toes, her dislike of silk underwear. Her special voice at the telephone, too – that rather chilly abruptness, which had always surprised him, as if she might be a much harder woman than he thought her to be. And the queer sinuous cat-like rhythm with which she always combed her hair before the mirror at night, before going to bed – with her head tossing to one side, and one knee advanced to touch the chest of drawers. He knew all these things, which nobody else knew, and nevertheless, now, they amounted to nothing. The woman herself stood before him as opaque as a wall.”

Aiken was a Pulitzer Prize winning poet who introduced the world to Emily Dickinson. Read more about him and read some of his poetry… here.



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