What movies to see (a brief encounter)

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I’m not usually one for a top ten list because really, there are so many movies to love and for so many reasons. However, after watching one of these last night I started thinking about why we love certain movies even though others don’t and even if they’re not perfect and well known. I have been a movie fan for a long time, I majored in Cinema Studies at NYU and one of my biggest fears when I was younger was that I wouldn’t get to see all the movies I needed to in time (I’m over that one now). Anyway, in no particular order, these are some movies I think everyone who loves story and characters should see:

Magnolia W/D: Paul Thomas Anderson

Careful, He Might Hear You  W/Michael Jenkins  D/Carl Schultz

The Garden of the Finzi-Continis  W/Vittorio Bonacelli  D/Vittorio De Sica

The Parallax View  W/David Giler/Lorenzo Semple Jr  D/Alan J. Pakula

Notes on a Scandal  W/Patrick Marber  D/Richard Eyre

Fanny and Alexander W/D: Ingmar Bergman

Crimes and Misdemeanors  W/D: Woody Allen

Bonnie & Clyde W/David Newman, Robert Benton  D/Arthur Penn

The Devil Wears Prada W/Aline Brosh McKenna  D/ David Frankel

The Music Box W/Joe Eszterhas  D/Costa-Gavras

Gigi  W/Alan Jay Lerner  D/Vicente Minnelli

Shampoo  W/Robert Towne  D/Hal Ashby

Hannah & Her Sisters W/D: Woody Allen

Michael Apted’s 7UP series of documentaries   D/Michael Apted

Thelma and Louise  W/Callie Khouri  D/Ridley Scott

The End of the Affair  W/D: Neil Jordan

Taxi Driver  W/Paul Schrader  D: Martin Scorsese

Living out Loud  W/D: Richard LaGravenese

Broadcast News  W/D: James L. Brooks

The Sound of Music  W/Ernst Lehman  D/Robert Wise

All About Eve   W/D: Joseph L. Mankiewicz

Gilda  W/Jo Eiseninger  D/Charles Vidor

Rosemary’s Baby  W/D: Roman Polanski

Terms of Endearment  W/D: James L. Brooks

Chicago  W/Bill Condon  D/Rob Marshall

Strangers on a Train  W/Raymond Chandler  D/Alfred Hitchcock

A Woman Under the Influence  W/D: John Cassavettes

These movies have had some important impact on me. It could be the whole film, the look, one particular scene, the music, the acting, one line even…there are hundreds, nay thousands that could and would be on a best of list but this is personal. These are the ones I will never pass by and which I will count as part of my being.










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