Today, we post!

Hello World!

This is a very early post of a blog that will be full of wonderful information and stories as I am able to tell them. At the moment I am unable to talk about a job I have, I am unable to talk about a project I am creating and there are something that are just not appropriate for discussion.  Luckily there are many that are.

I am a literary manager and have worked from talent from the music, theatrical and literary world, all over the world. I will discuss this.

I am a single mother of a six and a half year old boy and he too will also be discussed (whether he likes it or not!!)

I am a longtime member of Al-Anon, a wonderful 12 step program that you may take what you like from and leave the rest. I will discuss the lessons I have learned about that.


My intention in life and with this blog is to keep things on a more positive note. I have lived in toxicity and negativity (often my own) for too long. This is a new outlet for speaking honestly but with hope and education of the arts and adventures I have had along the way.

I look forward to getting to know you on this path of writing and exploring and hope you find what I have to say as important or amusing as my need to convey it.



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